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Under Floor Heating Cheam

Under Floor Heating Cheam

Welcome to RCB Plumbing, the providers’ of the premier under floor heating Cheam and the surrounding areas has to offer.

We offer a range of products and services, all of which come complete with before, during and after-sales customer services.

We operate on a local Surrey level and are proud of the fact that we will never be a faceless company. We are also proud of the fact that we offer big business level service with a small business level of personal service. This ensures that you get national expertise alongside personable and caring service.

Expert Installation Service

We have successfully installed under floor heating systems for consumers and businesses across the Surrey and London, ranging from small conservatories to huge warehouse facilities. Simply put, not project will ever be considered to be too big or too small by the team at RCB.

Our team of expert under floor heating systems installers have many years of experience in fitting under floor heating systems. We have effectively tackled all manner of problems and have developed all the tricks of the trade to ensure a successful outcome. As such, you can rest assured that you’re in the very best hands.

Increased Warmth Offered by Under Floor Heating

It may be older than ancient Greece but under floor heating is rapidly becoming one of the most effective home heating methods. It’s also becoming popular with more and more people, who are choosing to install either electric or water-based heaters beneath their feet.

In terms of the many under floor heating benefits, none surpasses the warmth given off by this form of heating. Whereas a traditional radiator or storage heater disperses heat from a static location, under floor heating – which utilises plastic tubing to circulate and re-circulate warm water or air – can heat any part of a room. This makes it quicker to warm a room and eliminates and cold spots not attended by the radiator. This means extra comfort for you.

Enhanced Cost Effectiveness

One of the major benefits of under floor heating is the financial impact it will have on you and your family. In these economically unstable times it’s natural to want to establish a cheaper solution to the ever-increasing costs associated with heating a property.

With fuel bills skyrocketing over the past few years, under floor heating offers the ability to save money.
Because it takes time for heat to transfer from a radiator through a room, it can take a considerable amount of time to fully heat a room. By distributing heat from more than one location – as under floor heating does – this duration is shortened. It also requires lower temperatures as less heat is being lost.
These two factors go a long way to shrinking your fuel bill.

With such under floor heating benefits, isn’t it time you looked in to making a change?

Benefits of Under Floor Heating

There are a huge range of benefits offered by the installation of under floor heating:

  • Space & Economics – Every square metre of your home can be fully utilised and the cost for our system is very similar to a radiator system.
  • Hygiene – No dust and the under floor heating will help to reduce house dust mites which is a benefit to asthma sufferers. Moisture content is too low, to support dust mites.
  • Aesthetics & Labour Saving – You can design your home to suit your needs rather than that of your heating engineer. Cleaning of the floors is easier and wet floors dry very quickly. Prevents discolouration of paintwork, peeling of paper etc.
  • Silence & Comfort – Radiant heat will provide the highest comfort levels at an even temperature throughout. Compared to radiator systems, there is no noise. No annoying ticking as pipes expand in floor voids.
  • Cost effective – It has been proven that energy saving from 15-40% can be achieved with under floor heating.
  • Ease of control – Small temperature between the floor surface and the air above means the system is practically self regulating.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding any of our services, just give us a call on FREEPHONE 07974 909 195 or contact us via our Facebook page & we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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